Regular Services

1.  Free Diabetic Care at 5 centers
2.  Free General Clinic at Hakeempet Tolichowki
3.  Free Pathalolgical Lab at Hakeempet Tolichowki
4. Sewing Center in Old City for Poor Ladies/Girls.

The first Diabetic Care Center was inaugurated on the 11th January 2004 at Cuerwell Hospital at Lakdi ka pul. Based on this model the Trust decided to setup four more centers, this time in more deprived areas identified as Talab Katta, Chandulal Baradari, and Shamsheer Gunj, Moti Gally in old city of Hyderabad.
The General Clinic also provides a Gynaec Doctor once a week for consultation,
We also provide free life saving drugs to the poor patients who cannot afford to buy them, We also pay their hospital bills, when they approach us.
The Trust has qualified Doctors & Nurses working for a token as goodwill.The trust is extremely grateful to its Doctors for their kindness and support without which the running of the centers would be impossible.


Occasional Services

Eye Check up
Occasionally the trust also provides free of cost screening for Diabetic Retinopathy. in collaboration with Sadhuram Eye Hospital who identifying patients as requiring Cataract surgery or any other further treatment and then  treated in their specialised  eye hospital entirely free of cost, The charges are borne by the Lions Club. In the process the Trust also gives free spectacles to the needy.


Health Awareness
The trust also identifies schools providing education to the children from poor background and provides “First Aid boxes” and “Medical supplies” as needed by the schools.


Educational Aid
Taking advantage of the clause of “Medical and Social Activities” in our registration, we support poor students in providing school fees, books, uniforms who approach us. We also give scholarships to college students. In the year 2015 we have spent Rs. 1,00,000/ for this purpose.