Dr Gulam Ahmed Health Trust is a Registered Charitable organization, which was established in January 2004 in Hyderabad, India. Based on the vision of Late Dr.Gulam Ahmed, the trust focuses on the medical needs of the weaker section of the society, It aims to provide free medical aid to the poor & needy.

We strongly believe in the saying “HEALTH IS WEALTH”, The first priority in life is HEALTH, other necessities come later. If there is Health, there is education, there is earning , there is family life etc. Therefore we believe “a Healthy family is a Happy family” and the services of DrGAHT to the poor is a bond to make a Happy family.

In view of initial financial restraints in providing general medical care, the trust decided to concentrate initially on treating Diabetes alone. Diabetes is an increasing concern in developing countries, particularly in the city of Hyderabad, which is also called the Diabetic Capital of India.

Among the poor population in Hyderabad , diabetes is a commonly neglected health issue mainly due to lack of education and awareness and also due to the cost of treatment involved.

In view of the above , the trustees of Dr Gulam Ahmed Health Trust decided to make a beginning by setting up Diabetic care centers which would serve the purpose of not only creating awareness among the educated but also provide free medical aid absolutely free of the cost to the needy.

Mrs. Raisa Hussain
Mrs. Naheed Razvi
Mrs. Najam Kamaluddin

Executive Committee
Mrs. Raisa Hussain (CEO)
Mr Meraj Razvi (Treasurer)
Mrs. Naheed Razvi (Trustee)
Mr.Razi Hussain (COO)

Panel of Doctors
Dr Mujeeb
Dr Tasneem
Dr Y Ali Hashmi
Dr M Baban
Dr Ramesh
Dr Syed Muneer Ahmed
Dr Nazeen Muneer Ahmed